Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a vast industry today and organizations of all shapes and sizes benefit from centers that can care of their non-core processes. Doing so, not only gives the said organization an edge over the competition but also helps in integrating and streamlining operations while cutting down on costs.

Intermark Technologies Private Limited's vision is to be a start to end service provider for all Recruitment based BPO services. At ITPL we hire, train and retain a professional group of agents dedicated to serve your business at any cost. Replete with cutting-edge technology and a global delivery model, our agents are capable of offering vertically integrated BPO services. Moreover, our services offer a wide range of well-defined global delivery models.

Our Mission

Our mission as a company is to build, nurture and strengthen our bond with our clients by offering outstanding services using new and upcoming technologies and offering a model where reliability and accountability guide our path ahead.

We also believe that to be relevant to our clients and to the industry in general, we need to be constantly evolving. To do so, we make constant innovations and improvements to our systems, operational procedures and quality standards to not only match but surpass industry standards.

Privacy / Confidentiality

Data secrecy and security has become an urgent need of any organization in today's competitive market. Our utmost priority is maintaining the integrity of the privileged information given to us by a client. We have designed our IT infrastructure in a highly secured manner and any confidential data would be under surveillance all the time. Moreover, we ensure real time data back up to manage any unforeseen circumstances.

Our clients can rest assured with the fact that Intermark would never allow any inappropriate usage of their data on our end.